The Birthday Boy’s Cake

My husband turned 30 last week and to celebrate and with my new love of cake decorating I decided on a novelty cake! A VW Campervan.

He is absolutely obsessed by them and has started a fund to buy a splitscreen van (I think he could be saving a while 🙂 )

Looking on the internet of where to start with making this cake, All I found was images of campervan cakes so I thought I’d document it myself and post it on here…

I started by baking a 2 Victoria sponges in rectangular baking trays.

12oz Butter, Caster Sugar and Self Raising Flour

6 Eggs ( I use large free range eggs)

A splash of milk and  tsp of baking powder

Sorry I always work in oz as my gran taught me.

I think the pictures tell the story from here…

The once baked and cooled was cut in half and layerd on top of each other