The Birthday Boy’s Cake


My husband turned 30 last week and to celebrate and with my new love of cake decorating I decided on a novelity cake! A VW Campervan.

He is absolutlely obsessed by them and has started a fund to buy a splitscreen van (I think he could be saving a while :-) )

Looking on the internet of where to start with making this cake, All I found was images of campervan cakes so I thought I’d document it myself and post it on here…

I started by baking a 2 victoria sponges in rectangular baking trays.

12oz Butter, Caster Sugar and Self Raising Flour 

6 Eggs ( I use large free range eggs)

A splash of milk and  tsp of baking powder

Sorry I always work in oz as my gran taught me.

I think the pictures tell the story from here…

The once baked and cooled was cut in half and layerd on top of each other


The cake is layered with raspberry jam and vanillabuttercream Cover the cake in buttercream it's like a glue for the icing to stick too.**TIP** Buttercream the sides first as this you can hold the top of the cake still There is a double layer of icing on the roof to create the lipped top


I scored the detail using embossing tool and copying ones of Mark's money boxes


After putting the bus on the cake board I painted it using food colouring gels diluted with water.


I finally added the bumpers, lights etc. Inc. A surf board. All made from icing

 It didn’t take as long as I thought and everyone loved it!